Our Team

Meet the experienced and friendly dentists and staff who make Tally Dental Excellence the leading provider of oral hygiene and personalized dental services in Allen Park.

Paul Tally, DDS

Dr. Paul Tally has been servicing Allen Park and surrounding areas for more that’s 30 years. He is married to Annie Tally and has two children, Laura and Joshua. Laura is married to Nick and works the front desk here at Tally Dental. Joshua is married to Molly and they have two beautiful girls, Mia and Juliet.

Joshua Tally, DDS

Dr. Joshua Tally is a 2017 graduate of University of Detroit Dental School. He is excited to join his father in practice here at Tally Dental Excellence. Dr. Tally is an avid golfer and loves to spend his free time on the course, that is when his wife Molly does not have a “honey-do” list at the house for him to tackle. Dr. Joshua and his wife have two beautiful daughters, Mia and Juliet.

Maria C., Office Administrator

Team member since 1988 (there’s a rumor the building was built around her, but that can’t be verified).

She enjoys spending time with her son when he is not busy gaming. She enjoys golfing, running and spending time with friends. Traveling and relaxing on the beach is her favorite pastime.

Candy A., Dental Assistant

Team member since 1989.

She enjoys spending time with her family, boating, bowling, golfing and working on her yard. She loves to travel, especially to warm places. You may also see her at the occasional Tiger or Red Wings game.

Terri R., RDH / Team Leader

Team member since 1999.

Terri enjoys spending time with friends and family by the pool having BBQs. Her latest love is biking/spinning, but will tolerate running if it means she can have brunch with her running friends after! She is fun and enjoys scaring her coworkers by jumping out at them as they come in the back door!

Amy W., Front Desk

Team member since 1999.

She loves traveling with her husband and two girls to see family across Michigan and Ohio (boo). Amy also enjoys seeing new places and revisiting favorites like Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, and Europe.

Pita G., RDH

Team member since 2012.

She and her growing family love to spend their summer weekends up north! Family is everything to her!

Nicole S., RDH

Team member since 2016.

She lives in Dearborn with her husband, Rick, and their two dogs, Lucy and Jake. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, especially her nephew and best bud, Caleb. Nicole loves going up north and lounging near the water.

Jennifer H., Front Desk

Team member since 2016.

Jennie is a proud mom of five. She loves to hike, fish and kayak. During vacation, she enjoys reading novels, cover to cover. Her favorite time of the day is dinner around the table with the family.

Alyssa J., Dental Assistant

Team member since 2017.

When not at Tallyland, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, Vivienne. She adores animals and the two things she loves about her job is taking care of patients and explaining the corny jokes Dr. Joshua tells!

Emily S., Dental Assistant

Emily is a full-time student balancing work, school and spending time with family and friends. She enjoys watching The Voice and listening to music in her free time. She is also on her way to becoming a future dentist! Yay Emily!!


CRISTINA T., Office Assistant

Happily refurbished employee of Tally Dental! Cristina worked here in the mid 90’s and took time off to raise 3 beautiful children.  

She loves spending time with family and friends especially in the warmer months. Enjoying time on the beach by the water is her favorite pastime and she hopes to travel to different beaches in her future. 


Stephanie E., RDH

Team member since 2020.

Stephanie has been in the dental field since 2013. She has two dogs and a cat that take up much of her free time. She loves spending time up north in the summer. She will be a newlywed in the summer of 2021!!

Brooklyn B., RDH

Team member since 2020.

She enjoys spending time with friends in her spare time. She also enjoys being a cheer coach! One thing we have found about our dear Brooklyn is that she scares EASILY, so if you are scheduled with her….sneak around the corner and say BOO!!

Laura M., Front Desk

Laura is the daughter of Dr. Paul and the sister of Dr. Joshua Tally. In her very precious spare time, she loves spending time with her husband, family (especially two beautiful nieces) and cooking…not cleaning! (We should mention she is also a chef, so we get yummy benefits here.) She also enjoys a nice hearty nap! ZZZzzzz……

Rachel B., Front Desk

Team member since 2020.

She loves to travel, hike and make her way to the beach whenever possible. Her favorite food is pasta, especially when she does not have to cook it!!!