TMJ Therapy

Do you experience pain when your upper and lower jaws meet? Do you feel discomfort or does your jaw pop when you chew or talk? Are you dealing with miserable headaches and neck pain? Are you suffering from earaches or muscle pain in your face? These are all symptoms of TMJ. TMJ occurs when your jaws become misaligned. When your upper and lower jaws do not meet properly, it leads to many other complications. Your misaligned jaw joints can potentially start to cause pain and tension in the muscles in your face. Pain signals can be triggered to your head and neck causing serious neck pain or consistent headaches, as well as earaches.

If you are diagnosed with TMJ by your dentist, we can make a custom occlusal guard to help with grinding, and treatment of the underlying symptoms of TMJ can start right away. You will soon have relief from headaches and jaw pain. There are many ways to relieve your symptoms and treat your TMJ. Your dentist will examine your jaw joints and come up with the best possible route of TMJ therapy.

Are you experiencing symptoms of TMJ? Call us today to set up a consultation and get answers about your symptoms.