Sedation Services

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Sedation dentistry could be your answer to feeling at ease and could change the way you look at dentist visits! Sedation dentistry helps you relax and calms your nerves so your appointment is quick and free of fear. You could go from dreading the dentist to completely enjoying your experience. Yearly dental exams are important to your overall dental health. Sedation dentistry could help you overcome your fears and take care of your smile!

At Tally Dental Excellence, we offer nitrous sedation to make your experience a pleasant one. Our nitrous sedation services will help you relax and feel completely comfortable throughout any procedure!

How Does Nitrous Sedation Work?

We use nitrous sedation that is administered through a mask. When the mask is fitted over your nose, you will breathe in the nitrous mixed with oxygen. Once you start breathing through the mask, you will almost instantly start to feel relaxed. The nitrous sedation does not have an odor or color and should not bother you as you wear the mask. The nitrous sedation allows you to still be able to respond to the dentist, but you will feel completely calm and at ease. The nitrous can be given at higher or lower levels, depending on the amount of sedation you need. It will not wear off, because the mask allows the nitrous sedation to be administered throughout the entire appointment. You will still be awake and, because the effects of nitrous diminish almost immediately after removal of the mask, you can return to your normal routine immediately after your dental appointment. Whenever the procedure is complete, the dentist can turn off the nitrous sedation and the effects will start to wear off. Within 3 to 5 minutes you will be back to normal and able to drive home!

Interested in sedation dentistry? Looking for sedation dentistry in Allen Park, MI? Call Tally Dental Excellence today to set up an appointment and get more information on our nitrous sedation.