General Dentistry Services

Not only is your dentist very valuable when you have a dental emergency, he is also very valuable in helping you prevent dental problems. Dental upkeep is important in protecting your teeth from decay and detecting early dental issues.

Dental Check-ups

Tally Dental Excellence provides many general dental services including check-ups and exams. Keeping up on your dental health can save you from pain in the future, and also save your wallet down the road. Taking a few trips to the dentist every year can help keep your teeth bright and problem-free. You can schedule a routine check-up to get your teeth cleaned, examined and x-rayed. Your dentist will also set up a plan for your teeth if any treatment is needed.

Our dentist also offers dental sealant. This sealant coats the teeth and is normally used to protect the back teeth that are hard to reach when cleaning. Sealant can keep teeth safe from decay and help prevent cavities. Call Tally Dental Excellence today to ask about dental sealant!

Dentistry for Children

Children can get a dental check-up as soon as they have their first tooth. Getting them used to their dentist at an early age will help prevent fear of the dentist later. If they ever have a dental emergency, your children will feel more at ease with an established family dentist than with a complete stranger. Call Tally Dental Excellence today to set up an appointment for your children!