In some cases, a tooth extraction may be necessary to improve your smile or save you from future problems. An extraction may be needed if a decaying tooth is at risk of damaging the surrounding teeth. It may also be necessary if your teeth are too crowded and need more room. Perhaps a baby tooth has stopped growing and is keeping a permanent tooth from breaking through – there are many reasons for teeth extractions. An extraction could save your teeth from further damage or decay and could make the difference in your smile! An extraction could also take care of teeth pain that you are having due to a problem tooth.

Whatever the reason, teeth extractions don’t have to be a dreaded procedure! We work hard to make sure you have a pleasant experience and are completely comfortable throughout the entire extraction. If you find yourself needing a tooth extraction, you’ll be in good hands at Tally Dental Excellence! Your dentist will strive to make you comfortable, and we offer free nitrous to help make you feel relaxed and at ease. Before carefully removing the tooth, your dentist will ensure that you are completely relaxed and prepared for the extraction. He will then take his time and make sure your tooth is successfully removed. Once the tooth is extracted, your dentist can discuss options such as dental implants to replace the missing tooth or fill the gap in your teeth.

Are you in need of a dental extraction? Are you looking for extraction services in Allen Park, MI? Call our office today to set up a consultation!