Emergency Dentistry

If you have a toothache or a broken tooth, handling the situation the right way could be key to saving your smile and your wallet. You should never put off getting into the dentist when you have a toothache. Not only can the pain escalate, but the damaged tooth will only get worse. Getting into your dentist quickly can save your tooth from further damage and save you money by taking care of the problem before it gets worse. An emergency dental appointment is by far the most important step you can take when you start feeling tooth pain. In the meantime, while waiting for your appointment, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water, floss your teeth to ensure nothing is in between your teeth causing pain and use a cold compress to help if your mouth is swollen.

Tally Dental Excellence offers emergency exams to get you into our office quickly and assess your tooth or the problem area. If you call with a dental emergency, you will be seen the same day! Your dentist will diagnose the tooth and set up a plan to rid your pain and fix your smile. No one should have to suffer from long periods of tooth pain. If you are looking for help with a dental emergency in Allen Park, MI, give our office a call today to set up an emergency exam!