Do you have missing teeth that interfere with your social life and daily activities? Missing teeth not only make us self-conscious about our smile, but also make chewing a difficult task. Day-to-day activities can become a chore if you have missing teeth. A new smile may be just what you need.

Tally Dental Excellence offers dentures that can improve your smile and restore your confidence. Dentures are better than ever before! Innovative design has taken dentures from a last resort to an appealing opportunity. Dentures not only look natural but also comfortably fit inside your mouth. You’ll be able to chew food like you used to and have a beautiful smile for family pictures. If you are missing all or most of your upper or lower teeth, dentures may be an option for you.

We also offer partials to fill in gaps where more than one tooth is missing. Your dentist can evaluate your mouth and work with you to set up a practical plan for renewing your smile. End your frustration and take the steps towards a new smile! Are you looking for dentures in Allen Park, MI? Call Tally Dental Excellence today to set up a consultation!