Cosmetic Dentistry

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Your front teeth make up an important part of your overall smile. Improving the look of these front teeth can dramatically improve your smile and give you a renewed confidence. Tally Dental Excellence offers porcelain veneers to fix or improve the look of your front teeth!

A veneer is made from thin porcelain and it is custom made to cover your existing tooth. Porcelain veneers can be used to cover chipped or cracked teeth, ridged or misshapen teeth, as well as stained teeth. The veneers will be matched to the color of your surrounding teeth so they will naturally blend in well with your smile. When you visit your dentist for your first veneer appointment, he will have a consultation with you to discuss your smile. He will then design a custom veneer for your tooth. While waiting on the permanent veneer to be made, your tooth will be covered with a temporary veneer. Once the permanent veneer arrives, you will come back for the final veneer to be applied to your tooth.

Veneers could make the difference and give you the smile you deserve! Looking for options for veneers in Allen Park, MI? Your search can end here! Give Tally Dental Excellence a call today and set up a consultation to see if porcelain veneers are the right fit for you.

Tooth Bonding

Did you know the material used for fillings can also be used to improve the look of your teeth? If you’re looking for an alternative to veneers, cosmetic tooth bonding offers a less expensive option. Although bonding is not as permanent as veneers, it can help fix and protect your teeth. The resin material will be matched to the color of your tooth and can be used to fill in cracked or chipped teeth. Bonding also is used to fill in gaps in the teeth and fix stained teeth. Bonding material is stain resistant so it will keep its color and protect your teeth while also improving your smile.

Would you like to learn more about tooth bonding at Tally Dental Excellence? Call our office today to set up a consultation and work with your dentist to develop an effective plan to improve your smile!

Teeth Whitening

Although there are many over-the-counter teeth whitening products readily available, in-office teeth whitening is the most effective way to brighten your smile! Tally Dental Excellence offers take-home whitening kits as well as in-office whitening treatments. We also offer a take home kit as low as $72 and our Custom-Fit Tray take home kit is $195. You’ll be grinning ear-to-ear showing off your new and improved smile!

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