No Insurance? No Problem!


If lack of insurance is keeping you from visiting your dentist, we can help! Tally Dental Excellence offers plans for individuals as well as families.

For just $349 or $30 per month you will receive:

  • Two dental cleanings
  • Two dental exams
  • Yearly x-rays
  • Two dental fluoride treatments
  • Plus, a 20% discount for the year on all necessary dental procedures

*In the absence of gum disease.

*Dental Plan Memberships Available Starting at $349 or $30 per month.

Call Tally Dental Excellence to find out more about our in-office plans! You can have a family dentist in Allen Park, MI even if you don’t have dental insurance. Call us today!


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What Others Are Saying

“Awesome experience every time I’ve come here. Excellent experience with the hygienists and Dr. Tally. I have always found them helpful, friendly, and extremely clean and professional. There is a reason they have been serving the downriver community for over 30 years! Dr. Tally always has a smile on his face and is quick and efficient. I hate feeling like I waste a whole day at the Dr.’s office and I’ve never had that problem at Tally Dental Excellence. I have also had incredibly positive experience with the ladies at the front desk. They have always been kind and professional. I have come here since I was a kid and I will never go to another dentist!”

– Dillon D., Yelp

“We have been going to Dr. Tally since our youngest was 3, she’ll be 30 next year, very, very knowledgeable and friendly staff, love, love Dr. Tally, kind of scary when I call & they recognize my voice, I strongly recommend Dr. Tally to everyone “

– Laura C., Google